The Robert M. Osgood Stage

On Friday, May 2nd, 2014, Shadowland dedicated the Robert M. Osgood Stage in honor of supporter and board member Bob Osgood.

Robert M. Osgood stage dedication


Bob Osgood on The Arts:

“We supporters of the Arts are lucky – we seem to have been born with a special art appreciation gene.  The Arts turn us on.  We laugh or cry in the theater; soar with music; see new beauties in painting, sculpture, photography and dance.

Communities that embrace the Arts are lucky too.  The Arts generate buzz, fill restaurants, lift the civic mood, and give an economic boost to a community.  We have seen it in Ellenville.  On theater night, try to get a chair in a restaurant or a parking place.  On theater night the town is alive.

The reality is also that the Arts need money to be sustainable.  Ticket sales barely cover half the cost of production in most arts organizations.  Without money, theaters are boarded up and stand silent and empty, a constant sign of decay and decline.  Galleries close.  Opera companies fold.  Dance companies dissolve.

Our collective support is critical.  The support of government is essential.

So we are all lucky to have that special art appreciation gene.”

from Mr. Osgood’s speech upon being named  ‘Arts Patron of the Year’ at the 2015 Ulster County Executive’s Arts Awards.


Bill and Shelley Collier with Patron of the Year Robert M. Osgood