Shadowland 2017 NYC Equity Auditions

Shadowland Theatre 2017 SeasonEquity Principal Auditions

Ellenville, NY SPT Tier 3 $318//week minimum.
Artistic Director: Brendan Burke (at auditions)
Equity Principal Auditions:
Wednesday, April 26, 2017

9:30 AM – 1 PM;
2 PM – 5:30 PM
Actors’ Equity Association Audition Center
165 West 46th Street; Studio 16 B
New York City

Dramatic auditions: Please prepare a brief monologue and have a brief contrasting monologue ready if asked. Musical auditions: Please prepare EITHER a) a brief song OR b) a brief monologue OR c) 16 bars and a one-minute monologue. For a musical audition, you will accompany yourself on the piano.

Please bring a picture and resume, stapled together.

2017 Season with available roles:

NOISES OFF by Michael Frayn. Director: Catherine Doherty.

1st rehearsal May 9, 2017; Runs June 2 – June 25, 2017.

Lloyd Dallas: 40’s-50’s, Director. Artistic, a bit tyrannical, pretentious, ladies man. Everyone is an idiot except him.

Dotty Otley: 40 – 50. Actress, plays Mrs. Clackett, housekeeper. A bit saucy, sensible, prone to melodrama, forgetful.

Garry LeJeune: 30’s. Actor, plays harried real estate broker, Roger. A bit pompous, self-absorbed, and perhaps neurotic. Perhaps an anger management problem.

Brooke Ashton: 20’s. Actress, plays lingerie-clad Vicki. Stunning, but distracted. Well meaning but oblivious. She’s not dumb…however…

Frederick Fellowes: 30’s. Actor, plays dashing and wealthy Philip. Good hearted, handsome, fancies himself a Method actor. Fearful of violence.

Belinda Blair: 30’s. Actress, plays the charming and wealthy Flavia. Bright, bit of a gossipy optimist. Knows everyone’s business.

Poppy Norton-Taylor: 20’s – 30’s. Stage Manager. Maybe a bit plain, stressed, tries very hard to be good at her job. Harried.

Tim Allgood: 18 – 20’s. Stagehand. Young, raw, inexperienced, exhausted, yet performs his duties with manic enthusiasm.

Selsdon Mowbray: 60 – early 70’s. Actor. Plays an incompetent burglar. Bit of a drinking problem. Selectively hard of hearing.


THE JAG by Gino DiIorio. Director: Brendan Burke.

1st rehearsal: June 13, 2017. Runs June 30 – July 16, 2017.

Chick: 60-70; Rough-around-the-edges alcoholic; Bone’s dad. Not totally unsympathetic, but skeptical of Bone’s motives. Suffers from macular degeneration, which has made him increasingly vulnerable and protective.

Bone: 40; A failed scam artist and gambler; on the lam and trying to clean up a problem. Has always resented his father’s treatment.

Carla: 20-30; A slight woman with Asperger’s and a tendency to talk to too much. Obsessed with Jaguars, she’s most at home working on cars, but severely lacking in social skills. Carla is extremely quirky, with nervous ticks, but she’s pleasant and quick to smile and laugh.


THE FOREIGNER by Larry Shue. Director: TBA.

1st rehearsal: July 4, 2017. Runs July 21 – August 13, 2017.

Charlie: 40’s; An extremely shy and awkward Brit, but has a strong sense of justice and is more capable than he knows. Seeking a creative comic actor with great physical skills.

Froggy: 50’s; A bubbly and adventurous Cockney military man.

Rev. David: 30-40’s; A seemingly pleasant man of God, but with an underbelly.

Catherine: 20-30’s; Pretty and pleasant ex-debutante and heiress to a fortune.

Ellard: 18-25; Catherine’s dim-witted brother. Simple. And sweet.

Owen: 30-40’s; A good ol’ boy.

Betty: 50-60’s; Runs the hunting lodge; Strong southern lady, who can be surprisingly naïve


MURDER FOR TWO Book & Music by Joe Kinosian; Book & Lyrics by Kellen Blair. Director: Michael LaFleur; Musical Director: Thomas Conroy.

1st rehearsal: August 1, 2017. Runs August 18 – September 10, 2017.

Seeking two actors (who can play piano) with exceptional voices and the ability to play many roles, moment to moment. Both must be strong singers, and both must be exceptional piano players.

Actor 1: 20’s-40’s; main role is Police Officer Marcus Moscowicz, a young, eager policeman who’s up for any challenge with a great attitude and a by-the-book sense of morality.

Actor 2: 20’s-40’s; plays all the suspects in this murder mystery. Must be a chameleon-type comic actor/musician, changing characters on a dime, while remaining believable.


RIPCORD by David Lindsay-Abaire. Director: TBA.

1st rehearsal: August 29, 2017. Runs September 15 – October 1, 2017.

Abby: 60-70’s; a resident in the senior living facility. Tough, biting and guarded. Likes what she likes, and doesn’t like Marilyn. Has never been scared in her life.

Marilyn: 60-70’s; Abby’s new roommate, a chipper and positive chatterbox. Has never been angry in her life.

Scotty: 30’s; A nice guy. Works as an aide at the senior living facility. Genuine. Cares about the residents, but will be tough if necessary. And a part-time ‘actor’ on the side.

Benjamin/Lewis: 30’s-40’s; Benjamin is Abby’s son, a former addict seeking to reconnect. Rough around the edges. Lewis is Marilyn’s son, an upbeat, enthusiastic skydiving instructor. Also plays ‘Clown’, a scary clown in a haunted house.

Coleen: 30’s-40’s: Marilyn’s daughter, helps run the skydiving business. Spirited, strong and loving. Slightly whacky. Also plays ‘Woman in White’, a scary character in a haunted house.

Derek: 30’s-40’s; Coleen’s husband. Friendly and fun, but more practical and cautious than Coleen. Also plays ‘Zombie Butler’, the tour guide at a haunted house.


DISGRACED by Ayad Akhtar. Director: TBA.

1st rehearsal: September 19, 2017. Runs October 6 – 22, 2017.

Amir: 40; of South Asian/Middle Eastern origin. A smart, ambitious corporate attorney at odds with his Muslim heritage. Rising star in his firm, but with a growing insecurity – he senses his place at the firm is in jeopardy. Married to Emily.

Emily: Early 30’s, “white, lithe and lovely.” A talented and curious visual artist whose work in increasing focused on Islamic themes. On the cusp of great success. Married to Amir.

Abe: 22; of South Asian/middle eastern origin. “But American as American gets. Vibrant and endearing.” Passionate and headstrong in his beliefs, with an awakening activist involvement.

Isaac: 40; “White, smart, attractive. A curator at the Whitney.” A successful Jewish curator, he is passionate about his work and faith. Critical, as his job requires. Married to Jory.

Jory: 30’s; “African American – is commanding, forthright, intelligent. Almost masculine.” Works with Amir at their law firm. Tough and competent, and will do what it takes to get the job done. Married to Isaac.