Local Guide

There is a “rebirth” occurring the the Hudson Valley area, specifically in Ellenville’s Theater District on Canal Street. Shadowland Stages is attracting people & businesses from all over the region as they’ve “awakened” to all of the new & restored attractions that have [re]opened in the area. The makeover, so-to-speak, a resurgence of landscapes, infrastructures, and decor has followed the lead transformation of the Shadowland Theatre into Shadowland Stages.

Many of those shown below provide a wide variety of activities to enjoy. Music, food, dancing, culture, history, hiking, camping, golf, hang gliding, you name it! Remember, we’ve grown to become an award winning theater right where the Catskill Mountains meet the Hudson Valley.

We are where your adventure begins below and have provided just a fraction of what this historic region has to offer.


Enjoy & spread the word!