Job Description -Technical / Construction



REPORTS TO:              Artistic Director/Technical Director

DEPARTMENT:                        Artistic/Resident Intern Company



  • Assist the set designer in determining the scenic and prop needs for each performance.
  • Assist the technical director in securing scenic and prop materials through purchase, rental, or loan.
  • Assist the technical director in building specific sets and props.
  • Maintain the set construction facility.
  • Develop a flow chart or spreadsheet, as needed, for set changes and props for each production.
  • Maintain sets and props during performances, including performing any needed repairs or alterations.
  • Assist backstage with sets and props, or with other backstage needs as determined by the Directing Resident.
  • At the conclusion of a production, ensure sets and props are cleaned, stored, or returned to their place of origin.
  • Oversee scenic stock, including inventory and control.
  • Work strike and load-in as needed.
  • You can expect to work in other areas of theater, including those in other technical disciplines, the theater’s offices, the box office, house management, and assist with clean-up and light maintenance as needed.
  • All other duties as assigned.



Interns play an important role at Shadowland Theatre. You will be exposed to many different areas of theater operation to provide you with a well-rounded knowledge of the challenges of producing professional theater. Your internship is a learning experience and regular educational opportunities will be provided. Our goal is to make this a mutually-beneficial experience where we learn from one another. Feel free to ask questions and make suggestions. You also serve as an ambassador for Shadowland Theatre and the Resident Intern Company.


REMUNERATION:        $100 per week, plus shared housing provided by Shadowland Theatre.