Acting Academy

Shadowland Stages Acting Academy for children & teens!

The acting class program for young people at the Shadowland Stages is entering its ninth year. In the first semester, eight years ago, there were 16 students. Each semester, interest in the program has grown and the program now averages up to 90 students per semester. Students must be able to read fairly well to qualify and continue through our academy class levels .

As more students become interested and the program grows, the need for scholarships increases as many local children cannot afford the modest tuition. In addition, during the fall semester, Shadowland produces plays with all of the students complete with costumes, props, sets, lights and sound effects. As the number of plays and the size of each cast increases so do expenses.

The Program has, to this date, found benefactors to sponsor three students each semester (six scholarships per year). The need for ten additional scholarships per semester would fill the need of students on the waiting list.

The cost per pupil is 125.00 in the spring classes and fall plays and both semesters run for 10 weeks. The fall has a $40.00 additional cost to students if they are in the plays to offset the cost of props and costumes. Students must participate in a ten class spring semester class before they will be considered for a role in the fall semester of plays.

The Academy has 90 students this semester and there will likely be an increase in enrollment as the program continues to grow in popularity.

The Shadowland believes the Young Actors Academy contributes not only to students’ appreciation of literature and the theater, but is also beneficial to their understanding of the human condition and instills in them the importance of both group and individual responsibility.

Classes meet every Saturday throughout the semester. Older students meet Monday nights 6:00-7:30pm.

For more information, call Andy Walter at 845-647-6075 or Holly Lewis Budd at 845-594-1347.