Academy Class Levels

The Shadowland Acting Academy features classes for varying levels of ability, primarily based on age and experience. The classes are broken down to suit the students’ needs.

Level 1 Acting Classes – Students begin learning how to express themselves vocally and physically with an emphasis on different modes of expression. It is a good introduction for young children who are shy or experience stage fright, as they build confidence by focusing on the lines rather than on themselves. The only requirement, as with all class levels, is the ability to read. 

Level 2 Acting Classes – Students are given short scenes and monologues as they develop the voice as a powerful, flexible, expressive instrument. Skills in speaking out, projection, interpersonal communication, and cooperation are achieved through theatre games, improvisation, and play acting.

Level 3 Acting Classes – At this level, we begin to emphasize physical articulation and vocal modulation to tell clear, compelling stories. As students collaborate more closely in pairs and groups for scene work, they refine communication skills that will serve them socially and professionally for the rest of their lives.

Level 4 Acting Classes – Character development begins at this level as students deepen their perception of themselves, others, and the world around them. Students synthesize skills they’ve developed while cultivating intuition and imagination as they prepare for substantial scenes and full-length plays. While students are given roles that vary depending upon their experience and ability to succeed, roles are also chosen to challenge them to “stretch” and embody specific characters that may not be like themselves.